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Data Integration

How does the data integration work?

In essence, fusion transfers audience estimates based on participants in one dataset (Comscore in this case) to participants in the host dataset (PAMCo), so that there is a combined dataset.

In order to do this, the fusion finds the best possible matches between participants in the respective datasets in respect of their demographics and behaviour.

Unlike NRS, PAMCo has been designed for data integration.  The questionnaire, for instance, includes more questions to help match the two sets of participants.

Another development specifically for PAMCo is that Comscore create a special ‘respondent level’ data file to enable their respondents (i.e. participants) to be matched with PAMCo participants. For NRS PADD this was possible for desktop audiences, but not for mobile.

Creating the ‘respondent- level’ file is a complex procedure, as Comscore’s audience estimates are ‘hybrid’ and only partly based on participants. Comscore observes digital behaviour passively via several different and separate panels of participants, but also relies on counts of machine activity (i.e. site/app-centric measurement via tags) to capture all digital activity and model audience estimates.

Ipsos must also align the Comscore and PAMCo universes, as there are some differences. Ipsos have developed a number of other procedures to prepare the Comscore data for integration, e.g. filling in some missing demographic data for smaller brands.

In summary:

  • Data from each source (PAMCo readership survey and Comscore) are fused together based on matching people in terms of demographics and behaviour.
  • Comscore supply a special respondent level file which improves the quality of the digital data and allows the fusion or match to happen
  • Ipsos align the data in order to retain the key trading currency i.e. Comscore for digital and PAMCo for readership

Are the PAMCo digital audience estimates the same as those Comscore publish?

The data integration procedure is designed to match Comscore’s published estimates as closely as possible.

Users will, however, notice some differences due to universe definition. PAMCO’s universe is Great Britain age 15+, while Comscore’s is United Kingdom age 6+ for home desktop/laptop and 18+ for mobile and work desktop/laptop.  Ipsos therefore make adjustments to remove those visitors who are either based in Northern Ireland or aged 6-14, and model in estimates for mobile visitors aged 15-17, as well as other procedures necessary to align the PAMCo and Comscore datasets.

A tolerance is then set that PAMCo estimates should be within 5% of the target Comscore estimates, though they are usually well within that.


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