This data is embargoed until 00:01 Wednesday 24th March 2021

Publication rules

The following rules are applied in order for titles to have estimates published by PAMCo:

Print estimates

An unweighted sample of 100 or more average issue readers over a 12-month period is required for publication on a 12month base. For reporting purposes the same sample threshold of at least 100 readers over 12 months applies to newsbrand supplements and in-paper sections.
If this minimum of 100 unweighted sample is not reached after 12 months, an estimate can still be released if the title achieves 100 unweighted sample after 24 months. However because of the data processing procedures involved, no estimates can be released until the 24 month measurement threshold is reached, i.e. even if a sample of 100 readers is achieved before 24 months have elapsed.

If this target of 100 unweighted readers is not achieved after 24 months, no estimates will be released until such time as the minimum sample of 100 over 24 months is achieved.

Relegation from 12 to 24-month base

Estimates for titles released on a 12-month base will be replaced by estimates based on a 24-month database if the title’s 12month unweighted sample falls below the threshold of 100 for two consecutive 12-month periods ending June.

Elevation from 24 to 12-month base

A title currently published on a 24-month base will move to a 12-month base if it achieves an unweighted sample of 100 or more in the 12-month period ending June.

Cessation of published estimates

A title published on a 24-month base will cease to have published estimates if both the following apply:

  • The title achieves weighted AIR estimates below the lower confidence limit of 0.14% for two consecutive 24-month periods AND
  • The title achieves an unweighted AIR below 100 for two consecutive 24-month periods.

Digital estimates

Ipsos can report on all entities and platforms that reach Comscore’s Minimum Reporting Standards (MRS) defined for panel data and are available on the MMX or MoMX subscriber interface.  A site can be reported if it has at least 16 unique visitors in the desktop production sample and, in this case, mobile platforms are also reported.  An entity can also be reported if it meets the Mobile MRS of at least 6 raw panellists for an individual platform (Android phones, iOS phones or iPads), even if it does not meet the desktop threshold, but in this case, the desktop audience will not be reported.

In practice, this will tend to mean that the digital monthly audiences reported in the PAMCo dataset will represent at least 10,000 monthly visitors to a site, with the vast majority of publisher sites having monthly audiences of at least 100,000.

In addition to reaching Comscore’s MRS, there is another requirement for publication of digital estimates on PAMCo.  Any digital estimate within +/-5% from the original Comscore estimate (taking differences in universe definition into account) will be automatically published.

Publication of estimates that do not fall within the agreed tolerance with the Comscore industry currency and have a monthly audience of at least 50,000 will be at the discretion of the publisher, who will be informed ahead of the data release and can decide whether these estimates should be suppressed.


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